We all know that diet and exercise are vital key components to living a happy, healthy and productive life Right?
I know some of you are saying yes, while others may not have known that. Well we’re here to tell you IT ABSOLUTELY IS IMPORTANT and necessary.

We offer personalized lifestyle plans to promote weight loss, healthy eating, strengthening mental/emotional well being and helping combat physical ailments.

(These are NOT Diet Plans, they are Lifestyle Change Plans)

Weight Loss/Lifestyle Change Plans:

*You will have your own Health/Nutrition Consultant and Life Coach*

Basic Plan: (suggested for individuals needing to lose up to 50lbs)
*starting at $25 weekly with a MANDATORY 60 day Commitment Contract*
•Personalized food guidance plan
•Supplement suggestions
•Mental/physical exercise regimen
•Twice weekly text check ins
•One weekly 30 min progress phone call
•One monthly video call
•One monthly virtual weigh in and measurements session

Extra Intensive Plan: (suggested for individuals needing to lose up to 100lbs & may add a spouse or one other household member)
*starting at $75 weekly with a MANDATORY 90 day Commitment Contract*
•Everything in the Basic Plan
•Daily text check ins
•One weekly life coaching session
•Weekly virtual meal shopping with consultant

Extreme Intensive Plan: (suggested for individuals needing to lose over 100lbs & may add up to two other household members)
*starting at $125 weekly with a MANDATORY 120 day Commitment Contract*
Everything in the Basic Plan and Extra Intensive Plan
•Bi-weekly freshly prepared lifestyle change friendly non-perishable baked goods from your consultant
•Daily voice phone calls
•24 hour consultant support

*Add-ons for any Plan (prices vary by location)

-Weekly food prep (shipped)
-Weekly shopping (shipped)
-Order recommended supplements (shipped)
-Weekly couples life coaching sessions(strongly recommended)
-Parent/ child life coaching sessions
-Virtual directive food prep

Non-Weight Loss/ Lifestyle Change Plans:
*please use the contact us form or call us for inquiries